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FOCAL THEME – AYURVEDA FOR ONE HEALTH                                    8th TO 11th DECEMBER 2022                                                      PANJIM, GOA, INDIA

Scheduled in Goa, 9th WAC has broader and sharper focus with its aims and programmes. More than a platform to connect Ayurveda practitioners, medicine manufacturers, enthusiasts and academicians, WAC is known to collect feedback, monitor progress and initiate missions accordingly. Having witnessed a highly welcoming response in the previous editions of WAC, Goa promises to be one of the largest congresses thus far.

Ayurveda for

One Health

One Health is a thought which acknowledges that the health of human beings is closely linked to the health of all living beings and our shared environment. This idea is not new. In fact, it harkens back to the ancient times when Acharya Charaka not only recognized the phenomena of “lōkasammita purua – the Universe- Man Continuum ” but also its impact on health