Call for papers

The 10th World Ayurveda Congress invites research papers from the best of brains across the world, covering 25 themes.

Advances in research and digital innovations covering the following 25 themes:

1. Agada Tantra And Vidhi Vaidyaka

Co-ordinator – Dr. Krup Vasavada, Nadiad  Convenor – Dr. Bhawana Mittal, Haridwar

2. Asthi Sandhi And Marmagat Roga

Co-ordinator – Prof. Yogesh Badve, AIIA, New Delhi    Convenor – Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, Haridwar

3. Ayurcosmetology

Co-ordinator – Dr. Kruttika Joshi, Jaipur    Convenor – Dr. Nandkishore Dadhich, Dehradun

4. Ayuroncology

Co-ordinator – Dr. Jyoti Meghdambar, Mumbai   Convenor – Dr. Shashikant Tiwari, Haridwar

5. Ayurveda for Public Health

Co-ordinator – Dr. Shivkumar Harti, New Delhi    Convenor – Dr. Sumit Goel, Ayush, New Delhi

6. Ayurveda Samhita & Siddhanta

Co-ordinator – Vd. Vaishali Mali, New Delhi    Convenor – Dr. Anup Gakkhar, Dehradun

7. Ayurveda Sharira

Co-ordinator – Dr. Puja Sabharwal, New Delhi    Convenor – Prof. Balkrishna Pawar, Haridwar

8. Ayush Ahara: Dietetics and Food Technology for Ayurveda

Co-ordinator – Dr. Ashwatty P, Panchkula    Convenor – Dr. Aishwarya K, CRI, Ranikhet

9. Chhaya Evum Vikiran Vijnana

Co-ordinator – Dr. Hemlata Shete, KLE, Belgavi    Convenor – Dr. Ila Tanna, UAU, Dehradun

10. Dravyaguna Vijnana

Co-ordinator – Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal, AIIA, New Delhi    Convenor – Dr. Tarun Kumar, CRI, Ranikhet

11. Health and Environment

Co-ordinator – Dr. Sarita Kapgate, Pune    Convenor – Dr. Urvi Dave, Dehradun

12. Kaumarbhritya-Bala Roga

Co-ordinator – Dr. BD Sharma, NIA Jaipur    Convenor – Prof. GP Garg, Haridwar

13. Kayachikitsa

Co-ordinator – Vd. Mrityunjay Sharma, Nagpur   Convenor – Dr. Dinesh Kumar Goyal, Haridwar

14. Mano Vijnana And Manasaroga

Co-ordinator – Vd. Prashant Deshmukh, NIA, Jaipur    Convenor – Dr. Mayank Bhatkoti, Haridwar

15. Manuscriptology, Terminology, Diacritics and Other Aspects of Literary Research

Co-ordinator – Vd. Santhosh Nair, New Delhi    Convenor – Dr. Vipin Kumar, Haridwar

16. Panchakarma

Co-ordinator – Dr. Prashant Dharmarajan, AIIA, New Delhi    Convenor – Vd. UttamKumar Sharma, Haridwar

17. Prasuti Tantra – Stri Roga

Co-ordinator – Dr. Poonam Sevatkar, NIA, Jaipur    Convenor – Dr. GM Kavya, Haridwar

18. Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana

Co-ordinator – Dr. Prashant Bedarkar, Jamnagar    Convenor – Dr. Meena Ahuja, Haridwar

19. Rasayana & Vajikarana

Co-ordinator – Dr. Satyanarayan Dornala, Delhi    Convenor – Dr. Girish KJ, Patanjali, Haridwar

20. Roganidana And Vikriti Vijnana

Co-ordinator – Dr. Jai Kini, Mumbai    Convenor – Prof. Rubi Rani Agrawal, Haridwar

21. Shalakya – Netra Roga

Co-ordinator – Dr. Gulab Pamnani, NIA    Convenor – Dr. Priyanka rani, Haridwar

22. Shalakya- Shiro-Nasa-Karna Evum Kantha Roga

Co-ordinator – Dr. Deepak Pawar, ITRA    Convenor – Dr. Gunjan Sharma, Haridwar

23. Shalya – Kshar Evum Anushastra Karma

Co-ordinator – Prof. Rahul Sherkhane, BHU   Convenor – Dr. Sunil Gupta, Haridwar

24. Shalya Tantra

Co-ordinator – Dr. Tukaram Dudhamal, ITRA    Convenor – Prof. Pankaj Sharma, Haridwar

25. Swasthavritta and Yoga

Co-ordinator – Dr. Prasad Deshpande, Nanded   Convenor – Dr. Shobhit Kumar, Haridwar

Guidelines for scientific sessions

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Publication of abstracts

All selected abstracts of both oral presentations and posters of authors who have registered will be published in the Abstract book of the 10th World Ayurveda Congress. They will also be considered for publishing in the official journal of World Ayurveda Foundation, Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (J-AIM).

Dates to remember

Last date for submission of abstracts 31 Aug 2024   |    Confirmation of abstract acceptance 10 Sept 2024    |    Full paper and ppt file submission 10 Oct 2024  |   Poster submission 10 Oct 2024   |   The Congress 12th-15th December 2024

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