health and environment

Dr. Sarita Kapgate 

Associate Professor,
BVDU,College of Ayurved,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Environment is an ecosystem of natural units consisting of all plants, animals and micro-organisms surrounding human being. Balanced interaction of biotic and abiotic factors is essential for the health of a human being. The main theme of 9th World Ayurveda Congress is ‘Ayurveda for Onehealth’ which is very close to this theme of health and environment.

Ayurveda a holistic health science and believes that soil, water, air & climate are the common factors for all member of ecosystem. Any change in these factors affects the whole ecosystem.

Presently Health and Environment is an important agenda of World health organization (WHO) and mandate on health and environment include mainly four grounds addressing water quality, indoor and outdoor air pollution, toxic or hazardous waste and chemicals and lastly the climate changes. Health issues associated to these four grounds are the main concern of every nation irrespective of their developed or developing status. The guidelines of the prevention and curative measures on these four grounds are mentioned briefly in Ayurveda classical text.

Based on Ayurveda principles, few promising research studies have been reported by scientific community of Ayurveda. These researches are aiming to air and water purification, dealing the health issues due to air pollution, reducing the pesticide residues from vegetables and many more.

But there are many areas which need to explore which will be explored further in the august gathering of stalwarts of Ayurveda of 9th World Ayurveda Congress-2022 under the theme Health and Environment.